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While this store is no longer selling my SVG templates, I have begun manufacturing dies in the resemblance of some of my favorites at Hope you enjoy the dies as much as the SVG cut templates!

Over 7 years ago:
Hello fellow crafters, Recently I have begun a journey into the depths of crafty products. The SVG templates for 3D boxes,bags, flowers and even specialty shaped cards called Shape "EZ" has given me an entirely separate direction to experiment in and experience. This is the gallery where you to may find your favorite Shape EZ projects and be inspired. Thank you for all of your support and please feel free to contact me with any concerns or comments or suggestions. xoxox



Saturday, June 27, 2015

Shape EZ 2015

Shape EZ templates created in 2015

Pot O' Luck Template
Available Soon

Tiara Template
Available Soon

Sand Castle Template
Available Soon

Mushroom Template
Available Soon 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Shape EZ 2014

Projects created in 2014 with the Shape EZ templates:
Star Fish template

Sea Shell Template
Basket template
Whale template
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Mustache template

Thank you for visiting,  All of these templates are available if you contact me directly at   Or in my Etsy store I can restock them if they are sold out!  Etsy Store Shape EZbyTLC.  Hope to see you there!

These templates can be hand cut or cut with any machine that accepts SVG's

Monday, December 16, 2013

Shape EZ 2013

Shape EZ 2013 
Noteworthy projects and templates

Banana Template

Poinsettia template

Spangeled Star template

Celebration Cupcake holder template

Easter Basket template

Dad's Tie template

Flip Ice Cream template

flower template

Nutty Card template

Shape EZ dress template

Pillow Box template

Shape EZ Tea Cup template

Shape EZ rolled bag template

Spangeled Star template

Dad's Tie template

Banana Template

TV template

Cow Bell template

Firehydrant template

Apple A Day template

Shape EZ Fall Leaf template

Mustache template

mini Rosette template

Sea Shell template

Shape EZ stocking template

Tea Pot template

Whale Template

Friday, September 7, 2012

Shape EZ 2012

Shape EZ template samples

These are SVG cut files that are made to either cut with a cutting machine or by hand as they come in 300 dpi JPEG,PDF and PNG as well as SVG file formats.  They can make multiple flowers at a time, increase mass production for a special event and give you the versatility to include windows,frames, pockets etc.  I have included the insert sized format to use for mats as well as DP on the base of the shapes so you can make this as custom as you like.  The flip cut files give you the opportunity to have a form that stands out in size when closed, yet offers the ability to include enought inside space to add the message of your choosing at the same time.  I have 123 tutorials on my blog if you're interested and you can see more Whimsy DT work in their free online magazine as well here.

Bow Tie
Pumpy Kin

Snowy Ball

Snowy Ball



Pumpy Kin

Nutty card

Flip Tree

Spooky Boot

wicked Hat
tea cup

Dad's Tie

Designer V bag

gift pouch


spangeled star

tea cup

rolled bag

dad's tie

Rolled Bag

tea cup




wedding dress and freebie box


wedding dress and freebie

freebie gift card box and scalloped flower templates

rolled bag


Ice Cream template

Triple heart box

rolled bag


rolled bag